Shelley Coar - Travel Photographer & Editor of Wanderlust Bound


 I love ADVENTURE! My biggest adventure is my 5 year old son Ashton.
I am a wife, a mom and a Star Wars enthusiast.
I’ve LIVED in Belgium, Kenya, Turks & Caicos.
My passions are family, church, hunting chocolate truffles around the globe, and GETTING LOST in countries where cell signals disappear.
I have a Masters degree in GIS & Conservation from Colorado State University.
I own a successful photography business in Denver, CO since 2008.
I continue to travel for the LOVE of life and EXPLORATION!

About My Photographs
I seek SERENDIPITY and WANDERLUST in my photographs.
Every photographer is also an editor. We choose how to show the world through our imagery. I choose to show the MAGIC of the locations I travel to. There is often a sense of TIMELESSNESS and serendipity in my images. I believe photographs should become an INVITATION for viewers TO JOURNEY somewhere new.
My specialty is landscape photography for hotels, real-estate, tourism operators and venues. I also shoot detail work including food, people, and lifestyle shots.